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Hi! My name is Stef Smeets, and I'm from the Netherlands.

I'm currently working as a software engineer at the Netherlands eScience center, where I work on climate related projects.

I studied Chemistry at Utrecht University (BSc & MSc). In 2011 I moved to Switzerland where I obtained a PhD in Materials Science at ETH Zurich. My PhD research focused on structure analysis of polycrystalline materials (mostly industrial catalysts) by combining different experimental (i.e. X-ray powder diffraction, electron diffraction, NMR, and electron microscopy) and computational methods.

Following an interest in electron microscopy and programming, I moved to Sweden in 2016 where I developed software for automated electron diffraction data collection at Stockholm University. The software uses image analysis to detect particles, and then orchestrates the interaction between the camera and the microscope to collect diffraction data from thousands of crystals. Beginning of last year I moved to TU Delft as a postdoc to further develop the software and apply it to biologial compounds.

In 2020 I started working at the eScience center in the Netherlands.

My favourite programming language is Python. You can find my code on Github.